The Secret of the Druids - Christopher C. Doyle - 26th October 2016

The October Book Club presented Christopher C. Doyle who is originally from Allahabad and currently lives in Gurugram with his family. He graduated from St. Stephens College in Delhi with a degree in Economics and earned an MBA from IIM Calcutta. He wears many hats, such as author, musician and corporate honcho.

Christopher blends mythology, history and science to create fantasy fiction. His first novel,The Mahabharata Secret, nominated for Raymond Crossword Awardwas among top ten books of 2013. His second book, The Mahabharata Quest is a bestseller as well. In the Book Club presentation he spoke about his third novel The Secret of the Druids.

Christopher told the audience how his journey as a writer began with his interest in reading scriptures and history books. The events and descriptions in these intrigued him. 'What if these could be explained using science?' He travelled to and studied the megalithic sites built by Druids in Britain. He was convinced that the layout and architecture of these ancient structures were based on principles of science and astronomy.  Some of the questions in his mind were: Who were the mysterious people called Druids? Were they priests or astronomers? Scientists or sorcerers? Why were the Romans so keen on exterminating them? Christopher found commonalities and links between Irish myths and beliefs and those in the Mahabharata. He decided to explain these using scientific facts and the result is his latest thriller,The Secret of the Druids.

Christopher Doyle spoke of an online 'Quest Club', a unique initiative which he has started to bring him and the community of his readers together.

All in all, it was a fascinating session with a writer who has given a scientific twist to ancient myths and legends in his writings.

Naseem Vohra