EASA President

Greetings from President

Dear Members and friends ,

The External Affairs Wives' Association (EAWA) was founded in 1971 and rechristened in 2011 as the External Affairs Spouses' Association (EASA). Since its founding, the association has been the centre of activities for the spouses of Indian Foreign Service officers. The organization has been evolving and-adjusting to the time and environment.

However, service to the community, whether be it our immediate Indian Foreign Service family, the diplomatic circle, or different sections of Indian society, has always been and still remains its main purpose. We organize various cultural and social events for our members and the Diplomatic Corps in New Delhi.

In 1977 the Association constituted a charitable trust, known as EASACT, which enabled us to strengthen our commitment to social service.
Various Indian missions abroad donated funds to its corpus over the years. The most significant donation came in 2011 from our Mission in Beijing. With this significant addition of funds, EASACT has been able to reach out to some more NGOs and needy segments of society.
Our Executive Committee and Advisory Committee are run by a group of dedicated spouses of both serving and retired officers of the Indian Foreign Service.

Their enthusiasm, energy and dedication is funderlies our success and achievement. As the President of EASA, I take deep pride in our spirit of service, a fundamental value of Indian society, and thank all members and friends who are partners and contributors in our journey.

With best wishes,
Kyoko Somekawa Jaishankar