Almost Home: Cities and Other Places- Githa Hariharan - 27th April 2016

April 2016 Book Club featured author and editor Githa Hariharan. Githa was born in 1954 in Coimbatore and raised in Mumbai and Manila.

Githa, who has authored several books, won Commonwealth Writer's Prize in 1993 for her first novel 'The Thousand Faces of Night'. Her works include short stories, essays, newspaper articles and columns. Her books have been translated into various foreign languages.

At the Book Club presentation, Githa spoke about her new book ' Almost Home : Cities and other places', published in 2014. The book gives an insight into life in various cities around the world. Githa spoke about her own travels and remarked that all of us were very privileged to be able to travel and see so much of the world. In her presentation she said how travelling to different places teaches one so much, how it gives leads to an understanding of the cultures, aspirations, ideals and daily lives of people.' Travel is not just physical but also a mental process.........looking at people from your perspective. When one looks at other countries , one realises why one's own is the way it is, why people are the way they are', she expressed.

Githa also talked about how places change or attempt to change. The examples cited were those of Mumbai post 26/11, cities in U.S. with large black populations, occupied lands in Palestine etc. Her presentation followed a question-answer session and book signing by the author.

Githa Hariharan led an intelligent and sensitive session that left the audience eager to read works authored by her.