The Forgotten Daughter- Renita DSilva - 31st March 2016

March  Book Club event: Summary
Renita D’Silva was our guest author for the month of March. An author based in the UK, Renita charmed everyone with her wit and humour. Speaking to the audience about her foray into the world of writing, she explained how writing had always been a passion. Through her childhood, she had been an avid listener and eavesdropper and the stories and conversations that she had heard were somewhere in her head and came out vividly in her characters as she started writing. She spoke about her book, “The Forgotten Daughter” and read out excerpts for the audience. Her stories are about women finding themselves, their evolving characters, relationships within families, changing equations as lives take them on different paths; life abroad and how people adapt according to changing circumstances. She said that her stories are not pre conceived and evolve as she starts writing. The book is interspersed with interesting family recipes that she herself had grown up with, many of them being her grandmother’s creation.

Interaction with the audience was followed by book signing by the author.