The Habit of Love- Namita Gokhale– 23rd February 2016

Our guest author for February was well known author Namita Gokhale. She is a writer, publisher and festival director. She is the author of twelve works of fiction and non-fiction. Gokhale is a founder and co-director of the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival and "Mountain Echoes", the Bhutan Literature Festival. She is also director of Yatra books, a publishing house specialized in translation.

Namita spoke about her writing and how it has evolved over the years. Starting from her debut novel ‘Paro’ which created a furore over its frank sexual humour, she explained how a lived life finds its expression in beautiful stories and the eloquence of the written word. She spoke at length about her favourite novel ‘Shakuntala’ which is being translated into Hindi. Her talk was full of personal anecdotes and stories and therefore very interesting.