EASA Charitable Trust (EASACT) was constituted on 6 October 1977 under the aegis of EAWA (External Affairs Wives Association).
The aims and objectives of the trust include:

  • Providing financial aid in the form of educational and medical grants to economically and physically challenged sections of society.
  • Providing aid to families of deceased and retired members of the service.

In the years 2011-2013, the corpus of the trust grew hugely as considerable funds were received from our Mission in Beijing, which are to be utilised for educational endeavours. Donations to the corpus also came in from our  Missions in Vienna, New York and Moscow at different points of time.

Ambassador Ranjeet Gupta donated funds to set up the Shashi Gupta Memorial Scholarship (SGMS) in the memory of his late wife, Shashi Gupta, which has instituted scholarships primarily to help girls to pursue higher education.

The corpus is invested in fixed deposits and the interest generated from these instruments constitutes the main income of the trust.

Under the Income Tax rules for charitable organisations, 85% of the income generated from the interest is donated to organisations undertaking charitable socio-economic activities.

Every year EASACT disburses the mandatory amount.

The accounts of the trust are audited annually with the help of auditors and a financial consultant who are on its  panel.

EASACT continues its core endeavour of identifying NGOs for financial support and maintaining the primary focus on charity organizations, working in the fields of education for disadvantaged groups, medical aid for the needy and the empowerment of girl children.

For organizations seeking financial aid from EASACT, please download the form (see link below) and mail a hard/ paper copy to us by post by 31 October at the following address, along with other documents enumerated therein:

EASA Charitable Trust
3 Pandit Uma Shankar Dikshit Marg
New Delhi-110021

EASACT Application Form