About EASA

It was in 1971 that an association for the spouses of Indian Foreign Service officers was set up named the External Affairs Wives Association (EAWA). In January 2001, EAWA was rechristened the External Affairs Spouses’ Association (EASA). The aim of the association is to promote close social ties among its members. It undertakes cultural and humanitarian work. The channels that link its members are the EASA events organized in Delhi, newsletters, meetings held by members in Missions abroad, charity commitments in India and abroad, a website and a Facebook profile. The association also regularly interacts with SHoM (Spouses of Head of Missions) in New Delhi.

EASA Activities:

Since its beginning, EASA has been engaged in a series of activities aimed at deepening social engagement among its members and their families. It has a charity arm by the EASA Charitable Trust (EASACT) which is engaged in a range of charity activities. It also has the EASA Book Club which organizes regular book reading and interactive sessions with renowned authors. There is a quarterly newsletter which updates its members on the activities of the association and also carries articles short stories and poems by EASA members. The newsletter is be emailed to registered email IDs of EASA members. For any queries on the EASA Newsletter please write to easanewsletter[at]gmail[dot]com